HyperSpectral has developed the first real-time, all-digital screening solution designed for COVID-19 detection.

Looking forward, if authorized for emergency use by the FDA, HyperSpectral’s technology has the potential to facilitate informed decisions about who is at risk of infection during any stage of a viral outbreak.  Our solution is designed to make large scale, daily screening possible and business and governments function safely during the pandemic. 

What’s Needed For Effective Screening

Informed decisions during any stage of a viral outbreak require a screening solution that can detect people who most likely have an active COVID-19 infection.  

We believe the unique combination of attributes necessary for effective pathogen screening require a purpose built all-digital end-to-end system which leverages technology such as machine learning (ML) automation on a distributed cloud computing platform.  


Real-Time Results

Results digitally processed and provided in seconds


In an easily transported detection device with network connectivity


Metrics comparable to or better than point-of-care tests


Each device can screen 120+ tests per hour on platform or any major cloud


Operational efficiencies of an end-to-end digital solution enables dramatically lower cost

The HyperSpectral Method

Lab Method

Established laboratory based PCR tests use biochemistry to multiply elements of the virus to increase detectability


HyperSpectral Method

HyperSpectral’s proprietary system focuses on spectral data for viral detection by machine learning.

Daily Screening That’s Simple and Easy to Use

Current methods for practical real-time coronavirus screening are limited to temperature checks and self-reporting. HyperSpectral has developed a system designed for SARS-Cov-2 virus screening which, if authorized by the FDA, could be used by businesses and organizations to assess risk and monitor pathogen presence in their essential employee workforce.

Our Vision

We are a team of accomplished multi-disciplinary problem solvers, silo smashers, scientist revolutionaries, action-oriented visualizers, and digital explorers, dedicated to our mission of using hyperspectral science and AI to detect bio and environmental threats to human life and to the planet.


We are: 

  • Developing other collection modalities including saliva and breath 
  • Developing detection for other pathogens — including common strains of the flu 
  • Deploying end-to-end Screening as a Service
  • Implementing a roadmap for our next generation devices


When COVID-19 began to spread, a group of experts from finance, physics, and artificial intelligence (AI) realized that safe re-opening of societies would require access to daily, rapid, accurate, and affordable pathogen detection. They came together to form HyperSpectralAPD and created a spectroscopy based, all-digital machine-learning platform with wide-ranging potential for COVID-19 screening and beyond. HyperSpectral is led by technology venture capitalist and entrepreneur Harry Hopper, and physicist and NASA scientist David Palacios, PhD. HyperSpectral partners with institutions and organizations across a wide variety of industries to solve the global challenge of fast, accurate and accessible pathogen detection.

Harry Hopper

Harry Hopper

Co-Founder/ Chief Executive Officer

David Palacios

David Palacios

Co-Founder/Head of Science and Innovation

Stephan Termaat

Stephan Termaat

Chief Financial Officer

Lauren Stack

Lauren Stack

Head of Operations

Matthew Theurer

Matthew Theurer

Head of Product and Technology

Reuben Fletcher

Reuben Fletcher

Head of Engineering

Euan Mowat

Euan Mowat

Head of Manufacturing and Supply Chain