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About Us


HyperSpectral is a HealthTech-based data analytics company driven by its patent pending hyperspectral data sensor technology.

HyperSpectral’s system is designed to meet a global need.  Emerging factors affecting human health must be detected sooner, faster, cheaper, and more effectively in order to reduce their impact on the world. The imperative is to provide pathogen detection that improves outcomes by enabling scaled screening and monitoring at the edge in a way that reduces cost and increases speed while leveraging a digital supply chain. 

HyperSpectral is creating a new paradigm for screening, testing, and monitoring by combining:

sensor technology and device that detects hyperspectral data generated from micro-particles at the speed of light;

a scalable edge-distributed machine learning (ML) model architecture which enables real-time decisioning; and

a growing hyperspectral data library (including spectral signatures, noise & clutter filters, and anonymized test samples and results) that optimizes performance and provides decision support for problem solvers.